Other Services

At visions of Silver, we don’t just stick to crafting and selling jewellery. We are passionate about our products and the craftsmanship and techniques behind them. With this in mind we offer a range of other services you might be interested in


If you are as excited by working silver as we are, we can offer a unique one-to-one tuition service for anyone interested in “having a go” themselves.

The tuition will cover the basics of silversmithing, encompassing

  • Piercing
  • Soldering
  • Design & Finishing

However, we know this is a craft that is individual and so we leave the format of our tuition as flexible as possible – ultimately the content is tailored to what the individual wants to learn. Please contact us for more information.

Jewellery Parties

Jewellery parties are available all year round, and provide a completely different way to entertain! The host of a party would receive 15% of total sales in either goods or cash. Please contact us for more information.


All silver products gradually tarnish over time, and will eventually require cleaning.

Most items can be brought back to pristine condition in our workroom, using modern techniques such as ultrasonics, as well as more traditional methods.

If you have any queries or if you have old silver jewellery that needs a new lease of life, please contact us for more information.