Many of our jewellery items, such as pendants and earrings, can be complimented by our range of accessories. We can supply chains of various gauges and lengths, earring hookwires and butterflies, as well as cleaning products to keep your jewellery looking its best. Please see below for our range of Sterling silver hookwires, Sterling silver scrolls (butterflies), plastic end caps, cleaning cloths, anti-tarnish strips and Sterling silver snake chains.

Hookwires for Earrings – Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver Hookwires for Earrings, with Ball & Spring embellishment

Sold as a Pack of 2

Price: £5.00

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Scrolls (Butterflies) for Stud Earrings – Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver Scrolls (Butterflies) for Earring Studs.

Sold as a pack of 6

Price: £5.00

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Cleaning Cloth

Cleaning Cloth…suitable for all jewellery

Sold as 1 piece::  100mm  x  1000mm (4″ x 4″), plus a Finishing Cloth.

Price: £2.00

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